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I have a collection of fossils and minerals some of which are available for sale direct to private individuals and interior designers. My policy is to provide museum quality stock, sourced with integrity, yet reasonably priced to enable anyone to own these wonderful things.

Sales help sustain a collection of rare items which I take to schools and events enabling people, particularly children, to interact with these fossils and minerals in a way that is just not possible in museums or galleries.

Dinosaur (Hadrosaurus) Eggs in Nest These are amazing, unique, prehistoric items most of them tens, if not hundreds, of millions of years old.

They are perfect as part of an interior design or just as a conversation piece in your home or workplace.

These incredible specimens appeal not just to collectors but also to anyone with an eye for stylish decor.
Fossilised Trilobite

Fossils and minerals make fantastic gifts ideal as unusual, and memorable, presents for any special occasion.

These are unique ornamental pieces with lasting, universal, appeal that will be able to be handed down from generation to generation.

If you just want to browse, you can either watch the "Video" of some of the more notable items of stock, or go to the "Gallery" to scroll through images. Rainbow Ammonite Drusy (aka Druzy) Pyritised

Here is a link to my "Stock List" which includes a number of modestly priced items to buy ranging from £10 to £75 which I have highlighted in "Gifts" If you want to buy something just click here to "Purchase" so that we can arrange payment and delivery.

If you are searching for something in particular and don't see it here then please do still "Contact Me" anyway as I may be able to source it for you.

Pendant Gallery Pendant Gallery Pendant Gallery Pendant Gallery
The Pendant Gallery

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Ammonite Gallery
The Ammonite Gallery

On this page you will find a selection of ammonites - they make perfect gifts !
Dendrite Gallery
The Dendrite Gallery

On this page you will find a selection of dendrites - they make perfect gifts !
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