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As a private collector of rocks, fossils and minerals I have put together a collection of these fascinating and natural forms from all over the world.

For my clients I aim to source and supply museum quality items for them to buy at modest prices, sourced with integrity, bringing the pleasure of guardianship of these scarce, unique, and exquisite natural prehistoric objets d'art to a wider range of people.

Although there are some items that may be replaced by similar forms it is rarely possible to find exact replicas ... all rocks fossils and minerals will show individual variations ... such is the wonder of these uncommon, unique, and frequently dramatic, natural curios. Gifts=

For example, the beautiful split ammonites from Madagascar which vary in size, shape and colours depending on the ingress of minerals during fossilisation, some with a ridged exterior and some smooth. All items will show variations in colour, texture, size and shape.

Whether you are interested as a purchasor, collector, interior designer, scholar or an enthusiastic amateur, I hope that, like me, you find as much pleasure in these pieces as I do.

I occasionally exhibit and sell at events. Please see my "Contact" page for details of future events and to enquire about viewing.

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