On this page you will find a variety of examples of how rocks fossils and minerals
feature in people's lives: at home, at work, and in public spaces

As you will see they are a great way to enhance interior design and decor

Alongside, on the left, you can also see just a little selection of the many
colours, textures, and forms that rocks fossils and minerals can take

A Stunning Centre Piece
The Sitting Room
Mosaic Fossil Table Top
This amazing and unique piece makes a bold, yet
intimate, focal point in the centre of this
traditionally elegant yet cosy sitting room

A Debonair Apartment

Discretion is the watchword here
a few signature items providing a clue to
this gentleman's interests

Finishing Touches
Finishing Touches

Each new piece carefully collected

Adds another dimension

Highlighting a feature

Complementing the contemporary design

A Favourite Chair by the Fire

Cosy and warm
Just curl up
With a good book

A Study in Style

Black & White

Old & New

Wood & Stone

Perfect Balance

Leading Light

This amazing illuminated agate slice
acts as a beacon on top of
the drinks cabinet

Light Lunch

As the autumn light streams through the window
it just lights up these magnificent crystals
making it seem as if the sun itself is inside

In My Lady's Chamber

Apophyllite & Stillbite add to
the sense of balance and calm
in this lovely bedroom

Jacqui's Sitting Room

No-one visiting Jacqui can resist stroking
this beautiful rock crystal
... more than a few believe it brings them luck !

Misa At Home

Misa feels equally at home amongst the
rock fossils and minerals
as on her favourite cushion

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