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Fossils and Minerals for Interior Design and Home Decor
Fossils and minerals can be used to great effect to complement and enhance any interior design style or setting. They bring a refreshing distraction for the eye as well as providing a fascinating talking point.

Bowood House by Paul Buckingham These natural art forms have timeless beauty and appeal. They existed long before humans and will still be here long after we are gone.

Unconstrained by period and scale they fit just as easily into a modern urban space as they blend into the mellow limestone of a traditional country house. The interior of one of AIMCOs apartment homes by Architecturist

They can be matched perfectly with anything from traditional antiques and soft furnishing to stark minimalism and contemporary art.

Hampshire House There is an almost infinite variety of colours and textures to choose from enabling them to augment almost any colour palette or decorative scheme.

The possibilities are endless with prices to suit all budgets.

Amber (Columbian Copal) They range in scale from minute insects trapped in a small piece of amber, through sculptural objet d'art such as a mammoth tusk or Pectens, to wall plaques containing a whole shoal of prehistoric fish.

The black and white Orthoceras fossils are particularly striking, available as very tall obelisks or in natural three dimensional plaques, in various sizes. When polished they also make wonderful table tops. Orthoceras

Do look at "In Situ" to get an impression of how some
people display fossils and minerals in their homes.

Whether chosen for artistic merit or rarity these items make a statement.

Mosaic Fossilised Wood Apatite Orb Fossilised wood has unusual and rich colours. It is available in both small and large slices as well as in mosaic designs for table tops and even cheese boards. The natural log form makes for great ornaments and sculptural pieces.

Minerals in their natural state or crafted items, such as an Onyx fruit bowl, make beautiful, bold, stand alone ornamental pieces. Onyx Bowl Fossilised Sequoia Wood Book Ends

Book ends are also a great way to display the natural beauty of both fossils and minerals, for instance fossilised Sequoia or Rock Crystal.

What better way to add depth and character as well as bring a room alive with interest. Mammoth Tusk Dinosaur Eggs in Nest

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