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Charlotte Bailey

Welcome – About Charlotte Bailey Fossils and Minerals

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am Charlotte Bailey and I am a collector of high quality fossils and minerals.  As such I have put together a collection of […]

Barcroft Productions / BBC The Day The Dinosaurs Died

The Day the Dinosaurs Died

Tonight on BBC 2 at 9pm there is an amazing programme which explores and tries to prove a long held belief, namely that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Celestine

Celestine – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

  Celestine (or Celestite) is one of my favourite minerals.  It is named after the Latin “Caelestis” meaning celestial alluding to the beautiful pale blue colour of many of the […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Craspedites

Craspedites – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

Craspedites (genus Ammonite) I just love these dear little Ammonites with their very distinctive characteristics.  The chambers have been preserved as a grey-white with the divisions in striking black Calcite.  […]

Stock Pick of the Week - Labradorite (Spetrolite)

Labradorite (Spectrolite) – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is one of my favourite stock items. It has wonderful flashes of iridescent colours known as “Labradorescence”.  The colour changes according to the angle of the light refraction and […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Amber

Amber (Columbian Copal) – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I just love to see what has been trapped in this fossilised tree resin!  From bits of vegetation to insect parts and air bubbles.   Much used in jewellery and, […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Fools Gold (Iron Pyrite)

Fool’s Gold (Iron Pyrite) – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I just cannot believe these amazing cubes in matrix and the fact that they are so perfect.  A truly natural wonder. The metallic lustre of pale yellowish hue is why […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Sea Urchin Plaque

Fossilised Sea Urchin Plaque – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

  This is such a lovely plaque with the pale pink of the sea urchins shell, or “test” still clearly evident in the cream limestone – but just a little […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Orbicular Jasper

Orbicular Jasper aka Ocean Jasper – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

  Orbicular Jasper is also known as Ocean Jasper. It is a fascinating form of Jasper.  It reminds me of a colourful Dalmatian dog – although I do know that […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Orthoceras

Orthoceras – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

Orthoceras (cephalopoda-mollusc) These are just some of the most attractive fossils for ornamental and sculptural interior design, with their very striking black and white colouring.   Orthoceras means ‘straight horn’ […]

Charlotte's Stock Picks - Rhodachrosite

Rhodochrosite – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

  I think Rhodochrosite is one of the loveliest minerals – not just because it comes from Argentina and reminds me of what a wonderful country that is with all […]