Charlotte Bailey

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I am Charlotte Bailey and I am a collector of high quality fossils and minerals.  As such I have put together a collection of these fascinating natural forms from all over the world.

I also sell items direct to private individuals and interior designers.


I am absolutely entranced by the these very special things, not least their provenance.  It is awe inspiring to realise that one is handling life forms that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.  Likewise the beauty and sheer diversity of natural mineral forms just beggars belief.

Fossils and minerals are wonderful to collect and also make extraordinary special gifts.

I am always delighted by how, particularly, children respond to them.  I love to take some of more interesting pieces to schools, not least because, unlike in a museum, the children can actually touch them.  They are simply entranced and you get the most wonderful questions (such as “What does a dinosaur egg smell like?”).

Fossils and minerals also provide amazing pieces for interior design and decor, which can range from small ornaments to a large sculptural pieces.

If you are interested in starting your own collection, or just acquiring a single piece, or indeed giving a very unusual and special  gift, do please look at my Stock List.  There is also a Gifts page which highlights the more modestly priced items between £10 and £75.

I am not a professional blogger but hope that  if, like me, you love fossils and minerals you will find what I write interesting and also that you enjoy dipping into my site.  Not only do I have a Gallery of images but also I have an In Situ page where you can see how fossils and minerals feature in people’s lives: at home, at work, and in public spaces.  I have also now added a few pages about Interior Design & Home Decor with Fossils & Minerals.

I look forward to your comments.


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PS a lot of people have asked about my ‘avatar’ picture and where it was taken … well, it was taken at White Sands in New Mexico (USA) when, a few years ago, I was priviledged to have the opportunity to visit this amazing landscape, which is over 270 square miles of desert made up almost entirely of gypsum (calcium sulfate dihydrate otherwise known, in more common parlance, as Plaster of Paris).