Christmas Decorations at Hampton Court by John S Turner

Having got back after my summer break I was at the garden centre yesterday buying autumn flowering Hebes, where I saw a display of Christmas crackers … definitely, crackers !

I must, though, admit that we are not immune to this yuletide retail hiatus, so Charlotte Bailey Rocks Fossils and Minerals are booked to exhibit at the Christmas Gift & Craft Fair at Imber Court on Sunday the 23rd September.

Imber Court is just over the river from Hampton Court – you can find directions here.  The event runs from 10am to 4pm and entry is free.  There is also plenty of free parking.

To be fair, fossils and minerals make fantastic, unusual and unique, gifts, not least at Christmas.  We will thus be showcasing primarily gifts as well as our new ‘packages’ at Imber Court.  We will also have a few sculptural and interior design pieces as well.

Shark's Tooth in PouchTrilobite in Presentation Box

The gifts range from an individual Sharks Tooth in a lovely pouch to a Trilobite in a presentation box.  Our new ‘packages’ are all about starting your own collection of curios and are particularly aimed at youngsters.

Gift Package 1Gift Package 2These  new ‘packages’ consist of a number of smaller items including examples of both fossils and minerals providing an instant ‘starter’ collection.  Priced modestly at around £50 they are good value compared to buying the items individually.

It always amazes me, when I exhibit, how many people, of all ages, are entranced by these beautiful items.  Most of us are first enthralled as children but then, as we grow up, lose touch with that sense of wonder and delight.

Beyond these initial curios lies a whole world of natural forms, not only for the scientific interest but also as natural objet d’art for decor and interior design.

Column of Fosilised PectenFossilised AraucariaRhyolite Geode Book Ends

They will go on to be a talking point and provide a lifetime of interest.  They can even, in due course, be passed on to your own curious offspring.

Remember, a fossil is for life, not just for Christmas !


© Copyright Charlotte M Bailey 2012

Natural Iron Pyrite - giftFossilised Fish - giftPolished Split Ammonite - gift