Rose Quartz is such a soft pink coloured stone that I like it best in its natural form.
Polished Rose Quartz Eggs
However, I do have to admit to having two tiny polished eggs in Rose Quartz which are beautiful.


I also have the most amazing slice of Rose Quartz, which is a cross section of an entire geothermal vent. It is over two feet in diameter and would make the most fantastic centre piece of, or addition to, an interior design.

Rose Quartz Slice

Rose Quartz is generally thought to be as a result of the presence of titanium, manganese, or iron and is found in large, translucent, masses of inter-grown crystals rather than as individual crystals.  Its colour can vary from pale pink through rose (thus its name) and pink, to a light purple.

Rose Quartz

Most Rose Quartz comes from Brazil, but deposits have also been found in Madagascar, India, South Africa, and even the USA.  It is often used in carving, especially into hearts, as it is believed by some to have metaphysical properties associated with emotional healing and love.