Hadrosaurus Eggs in Nest

I am lucky enough to have this wonderful fossilised Hadrosaur nest with two superb dinosaur eggs still showing much of the original colour – duck egg blue of course ! Underneath the eggs you can also see the fossilised nest material.

Children love to see this piece, and more especially to be able to touch dinosaur eggs.  I take my collection to schools sometimes to exhibit them for the children as part of their natural history studies.   Indeed, if you are interested in me bringing my exhibition pieces to show them for a school class,  or other any other group, do just, please, contact me.

Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Eggs in Nest

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These creatures were called “duck-billed” as they had a bird-like skull and jaw (think duck billed platypus) – they also laid eggs in nests.  They were a plant eating dinosaur that lived during the Cretaceous period approximately 150 million years ago.  The bill was toothless but they had cheek teeth for chewing.  In size they were  about  7 to 10 metres long (23 to 32ft) with a height of around  3 metres (10ft) and weighed 7-10 tonnes.  For running they were likely to be bipedal using their shorter forearms to support themselves whilst grazing.  They could also swim.

 "Hadrosaurs by a Lake" Charles R Knight 1897

Mounted Hadrosaurus skeleton (by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins, who stands beside it)

Named by Paleontologist  J. Leidy who found a skeleton in Haddenfield,  New Jersey, U.S.A.  Indeed, the Hadrosaurus became the state fossil of New Jersey.  In 1858 this was the first ever mounted dinosaur skeleton.

Sourcing dinosaur eggs is very difficult and takes time, not least because exporting them is now banned by many countries including China so one has to be careful to establish their provenance before buying.  These particular eggs of mine are not for sale, not least because children love to see dinosaur eggs so much and also, to be fair,  because I love having them in my collection so that I can exhibit them.  However, I can possibly source more for clients if they want.  Indeed, I used to have a single Hadrosaurus egg which a regular client of mine always used to ask to buy from me, but I consistently refused because I could not replace it.  Then, after some years of looking I managed to get hold of these two lovely eggs in a nest, so that I could, finally, sell the single egg to the client who so wanted it.

Single Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Egg in NestIf you are interested in dinosaur eggs for your collection do let me know as I may, possibly, be able to source more, but that is by no means guaranteed and may well take some time.


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P.S. speaking of dinosaur eggs … watch out for Litrasaurus … hatching soon !