These formations are absolutely fascinating. Externally geodes just look like a rough stone or a boulder but inside are the most wonderful crystal formations.



It is thought that they occur when a bubble of gas or air becomes trapped inside the rock as a result of volcanic activity (such as hydrothermal vents) or from the  decomposition of creatures or plant material (such as tree roots), which leave cavities in the sedimentary or volcanic rock. These hollows, over thousands of years, start to grow crystals from the seepage of mineral-rich water through the rock depositing those minerals.

Geode - Interior DesignGeode - Home Decor

If these cavities become completely filled they are called nodules.


Amethyst Cathedral Geode - Interior DesignAmethyst  geodes , usually available as single split halves are the most frequently seen and some of the very large ones are often referred to as “cathedrals”.  When in a pair these large “Cathedrals” make amazing statues or sculptural pieces as part of an interior design scheme (these pictured here are over four feet tall).


Many of the Amethyst geodes come from Uruguay and Brazil as well as Russia, but they are found across Europe as well as in Australia.  I even met someone that had found one whilst walking in the Highlands of Scotland.  The deeper the purple crystals of Amethyst are, the more prized they are.


Amethyst Geode with AgateAmethyst Geodes


It is less usual to find both halves available together but on my stock list I do have both halves of charming whole Condor Agates split and polished (these are actually nodules) as well as a rare natural whole Amethyst in two halves from Morocco.

Whole Amethyst GeodeCondor Agate Geodes

Here are two other lovely geodes – these are single halves of Citrine and Celestine.

Citrine GeodeCelestine (Celestite) Geode

Geodes make fantastic sculptural pieces or ornaments, perfect for interior design, or as a special gift or just for your own home decor.

Sculptural Geode - Interior DesignGeode Ornament - Home Decor

They can even be practical, such as these fascinating Rhyolite geode book ends.

Rhyolite Book Ends - Unique Special Gift

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In my personal collection, as an exhibition piece, I have this amazing geode which is full of a whole variety of different crystals.  It is pictured below but a photograph simply does not do this geode justice as it does not capture the sheer complexity of crystals or the colours in it, leave alone the way it catches the light – do click on the picture below to see a better image.


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 Unique Piece

Whole Amethyst Geode from Morocco