Delightful fossilised Araucaria pine cones split and polished to show amazing internal detail.

These, pictured here, are from Patagonia (Argentina) where some of the best preserved have been found.

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Araucaria is an ancient species of tree whose fossil record dates back to the time of the Dinosaurs. These pine cones have been preserved so well because the forest had been buried in volcanic ash millions of years ago.

Araucaria Fossilised Pne Cones (A)Araucaria Fossilised Pine Cones (B)

Araucaria Fossilised Pine Cones (C)Araucaria Fossilised Pine Cones (D)

Araucaria is related to the tree which we sometimes call the “monkey puzzle tree” – presumably because the horizontal spiky leaves made them hard for monkeys to climb !

Araucaria in the Royal Botanical Gardens KewMonkey Puzzle Tree - Detail

These fossilised pine cones are increasingly difficult to source as the export of them from Argentina has recently been prohibited.  I am lucky enough to have some great specimens both in my private collection and for sale.

Fossilised Pine Cone with Branch in Matrix (Araucaria)For instance this one is preserved in matrix alongside the branch from which it came.

Fossilised PIne Cone (Araucaria) in Matrix - Sectioned & PolishedHere is a cone in matrix sectioned and polished.

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