Charlotte's Stock Picks - Orbicular Jasper


Orbicular Jasper is also known as Ocean Jasper.

It is a fascinating form of Jasper.  It reminds me of a colourful Dalmatian dog – although I do know that coloured (other than black and white) Dalmations don’t exist!


Below you can see it in its natural, unpolished, and polished forms.

Natural unpolished Orbicular JasperPolished Orbicular Jasper

This very lovely patterned mineral, found on the East Coast of Madagascar, was first written about in 1922 and yet was, since, ‘lost’.  It was re-discovered at the turn of the century (~2000).  In Madagascar it is said to be only visible at low tide and has to be collected by boat.

Orbicular Jasper ornaments come in many forms such as polished spheres or slices.

Orbicular Jasper OrbsOrbicular Jasper Slices

The patterns of this particular rock formation consist of round, or spherical, inclusions of contrasting colours.  It is highly silicified Rhyolite or Tuff.

Orbicular Jasper Slice - detail Orbicular Jasper

Other names, commercial or otherwise, include Sea Jasper,  Kinradite, Oregonite, Poppy Jasper etc. depending upon the source.  This amazing mineral makes a great ornament and conversation piece – it is perfect for interior design or home decor (as below).


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Orbicular Jasper - In Situ