Charlotte's Stock Picks - Fools Gold (Iron Pyrite)

I just cannot believe these amazing cubes in matrix and the fact that they are so perfect.  A truly natural wonder.

The metallic lustre of pale yellowish hue is why it is sometimes called “Fool’s Gold”.  Strangely tiny quantities of actual gold have sometimes been found in pyrite.

Some of the pieces even have cubes with other ‘baby’ cubes growing out of them!

Iron PyriteNatural Iron Pyrite in Matrix

These are from the Navajun on the slopes of the Spanish Pyrenees.

“Estany de Ratera” in the Pyrenees by Emesik

The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, is actually Iron Sulphide.  The crystals are isometric and usually appear as cubes.  Pyrite is found in hydro-thermal veins and igneous rock.  Commercially it is mainly used to produce Sulphur Dioxide, which amongst other things is needed to make Sulphuric Acid which was used extensively in the paper industry but less so nowadays.

Natural Iron Pyrite in Limestone Matrix

Pyrite as its name comes from the Greek work for “fire” – probably because it emits a spark if struck sharply with steel – this was why it was actually used in early firearms.  The cubes are also often called “Devil’s Dice”.


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Iron Pyrite Cubes in Matrix