Charlotte's Stock Picks - Craspedites

Craspedites (genus Ammonite)

I just love these dear little Ammonites with their very distinctive characteristics.  The chambers have been preserved as a grey-white with the divisions in striking black Calcite.  They are delightful small sculptural pieces with their unique black and white appearance.



Craspedites belong to the Cephalopoda group and are from the Upper Jurassic Tithonian Stage approximately 150 million years ago.  These particular specimens orginate from Saraotov in the Volga area in Russia.  They can also can be found in Greenland.  Some species have been found in Canada and Poland.

Double CraspediteSingle Craspedite

Like all Ammonites they moved by jet propulsion expelling water through a funnel like opening.  Some Ammonites, like these, have intricate detail on the outer surfaces called “Sutures” which are very helpful in distinguishing the different species.

Double CraspediteSingle Craspedite


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Craspedite detail