Barcroft Productions / BBC The Day The Dinosaurs Died

Tonight on BBC 2 at 9pm there is an amazing programme which explores and tries to prove a long held belief, namely that the dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid strike 66 million years ago.

The team drill 1,500 metres beneath sea level to pull up rock from the Chicxulub crater as well as travelling the globe to gather supporting evidence.

BARCROFT PRODUCTIONS / BBC "The Day The Dinosaurs Died"Their investigations reveal startling new evidence of a link between the asteroid and the death of the dinosaurs, presenting a vivid picture of the most dramatic 24 hours in our planet’s history. They illustrate what happened in the seconds and hours after the impact, revealing that had the huge asteroid struck the Earth a moment earlier, or later, the destruction might not have been total for the dinosaurs. And if they still roamed the world, we humans may never have come to rule the planet.

BARCROFT PRODUCTIONS / BBC DinosaursNot least their analysis reveals that the 15km-wide asteroid could not have hit a worse place on Earth.  “This is where we get to the great irony of the story – because in the end it wasn’t the size of the asteroid, the scale of blast, or even its global reach that made dinosaurs extinct – it was where the impact happened.”