Charlotte’s Stock Picks

Agate Slice (Interior Design) – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This Agate Slice is in my opinion, one of the loveliest forms of Chalcedony, and it consists of coloured, usually blue, white, grey, brown, red, and black bands that follow […]

Mammoth Tusk – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This tusk from a relatively young mammoth is very special to me and because of its size is portable enough to take to schools to show the children. Now sadly […]

Malachite – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is just a wonderful mineral with the fascinating swirls and bands of varying green colour. TheĀ  green shades of Malachite are very distinctive and in polished form provide very […]

Drusy Rainbow Pyritised Ammonites – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

  These drusy pyritised ammonites are from the Volga area in Russia and just a superb example of how the ingress of different minerals can give a beautiful rainbow of […]

Fossilised Araucaria Pine Cones – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

Delightful fossilised Araucaria pine cones split and polished to show amazing internal detail. These, pictured here, are from Patagonia (Argentina) where some of the best preserved have been found. Do […]

Hadrosaurus Eggs in Nest

Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Eggs in Nest – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I am lucky enough to have this wonderful fossilised Hadrosaur nest with two superb dinosaur eggs still showing much of the original colour – duck egg blue of course ! […]

Fossilised Palm Tree Slice – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is the first time I had seen a slice of fossilised palm tree and I was really surprised by its unusual cell structure compared to other fossilised wood. This […]

Sinohydrosaurus – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is one of the first specimens that I ever obtained, nearly ten years ago now, but I still never cease to be amazed and grateful for being able to […]

Lapis Lazuli – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is one of my favourite minerals and is the stone we chose for my engagement ring, alongside diamond, so therefore very special to me. It is such a beautiful […]


Trilobites – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I find trilobites just fascinating, not least that they did not become extinct as such but evolved over hundreds of millions of years – they are actually from the same […]