Interior Design Trends 2016 – Minerals are In !

Over the last months, a whole range of style gurus and interior designers have made it clear that minerals are a key part of the current design trend. The KLC […]

Colour Vision

  I thought that some of you might find this interesting about colour vision having been purported to have existed in creatures some 300 million years ago specifically in fish. […]


I am puzzled … I was looking at some of the prices achieved at auctions where, occasionally, minerals and fossils were featured. Some of the prices are extraordinarily high compared […]

Attempting to visit the Famous Fossil Museum at Monte San Giorgio in Italy

Having been fortunate enough to be in Switzerland for a few days ( we were in Le Bouveret, Port Valais on Lake Geneva) we were quite “close” to the Italian […]

Fair Munchen – Fossils Galore !

Thursday 25th October – this afternoon I am off via Heathrow to Munich.  Tickets in bag ready for tomorrow’s opening of the Munich Fossil and Mineral show. Purported  to be […]

Sunday Muddy Sunday

We have been very busy this last week preparing to exhibit at the Veuve Cliquot Gold Cup Polo Final at Cowdray Park. The weather, as we all know, has been […]

£1.67 per million years - Orthoceras plaque

£1.67 per million years … bargain !

Isn’t it curious the perceptions of worth and value?   My attention was re-drawn to this question most recently in relation to my Orthoceras plaque which I had taken, amongst […]