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Hadrosaurus Eggs in Nest

Hadrosaurus Dinosaur Eggs in Nest – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I am lucky enough to have this wonderful fossilised Hadrosaur nest with two superb dinosaur eggs still showing much of the original colour – duck egg blue of course ! […]

Lebanese Fossils

While we were in The Lebanon we were taken to Byblos (known in arabic as Jbeil).  This is an amazing ancient city, indeed it is believed to be the earliest […]

Jeita Grotto

We have just returned from a few days in the Lebanon, and one of the highlights of the trip was visiting the amazing Jeita Grotto. Up in the foothills of […]

About Amethyst

From sumptuous deep royal purples to delicate lilac amethyst is just lovely for jewellery but I love it in it natural form in Geodes especially when in conjunction with agate. […]

Fossilised Palm Tree Slice – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is the first time I had seen a slice of fossilised palm tree and I was really surprised by its unusual cell structure compared to other fossilised wood. This […]

Oxford University Museum of Natural History

I was fortunate enough a little while ago to visit the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.  I had heard that they had some remains of the now extinct Dodo […]

Sinohydrosaurus – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is one of the first specimens that I ever obtained, nearly ten years ago now, but I still never cease to be amazed and grateful for being able to […]

Featured in The Field

We are delighted that Charlotte Bailey Rocks Fossils & Minerals has been featured in this month’s edition of The Field magazine.  The article focuses on the growth in the use […]

Lapis Lazuli – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is one of my favourite minerals and is the stone we chose for my engagement ring, alongside diamond, so therefore very special to me. It is such a beautiful […]

Colour Vision

  I thought that some of you might find this interesting about colour vision having been purported to have existed in creatures some 300 million years ago specifically in fish. […]