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Featured in The Field

We are delighted that Charlotte Bailey Rocks Fossils & Minerals has been featured in this month’s edition of The Field magazine.  The article focuses on the growth in the use […]

Lapis Lazuli – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is one of my favourite minerals and is the stone we chose for my engagement ring, alongside diamond, so therefore very special to me. It is such a beautiful […]

Colour Vision

  I thought that some of you might find this interesting about colour vision having been purported to have existed in creatures some 300 million years ago specifically in fish. […]


I am puzzled … I was looking at some of the prices achieved at auctions where, occasionally, minerals and fossils were featured. Some of the prices are extraordinarily high compared […]


Trilobites – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I find trilobites just fascinating, not least that they did not become extinct as such but evolved over hundreds of millions of years – they are actually from the same […]

Citrine – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I am very lucky to have, as part of my stock, two beautiful double terminated Citrine crystals – they are just such subtle, pale yellow, quartz crystals. The name comes, […]

Rose Quartz – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

Rose Quartz is such a soft pink coloured stone that I like it best in its natural form. However, I do have to admit to having two tiny polished eggs […]

Dendrites – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

These are just wonderful mini-landscapes; amazing pictures created by nature often referred to as “fossil tree ferns” and I think they are absolutely fascinating. Dendritic crystal growth is what they […]

Attempting to visit the Famous Fossil Museum at Monte San Giorgio in Italy

Having been fortunate enough to be in Switzerland for a few days ( we were in Le Bouveret, Port Valais on Lake Geneva) we were quite “close” to the Italian […]

Stephen Perse Foundation Cabinet of Curiosities

I was this month delighted to be invited to the opening of the new Senior School Library at the Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge. The room which has been converted […]