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Charlotte's Stock Picks - Celestine

Celestine – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

  Celestine (or Celestite) is one of my favourite minerals.  It is named after the Latin “Caelestis” meaning celestial alluding to the beautiful pale blue colour of many of the […]

About Geodes

  These formations are absolutely fascinating. Externally geodes just look like a rough stone or a boulder but inside are the most wonderful crystal formations.     It is thought […]

About Amethyst

From sumptuous deep royal purples to delicate lilac amethyst is just lovely for jewellery but I love it in it natural form in Geodes especially when in conjunction with agate. […]

Citrine – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I am very lucky to have, as part of my stock, two beautiful double terminated Citrine crystals – they are just such subtle, pale yellow, quartz crystals. The name comes, […]