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Charlotte's Stock Picks - Fools Gold (Iron Pyrite)

Fool’s Gold (Iron Pyrite) – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

I just cannot believe these amazing cubes in matrix and the fact that they are so perfect.  A truly natural wonder. The metallic lustre of pale yellowish hue is why […]

Featured in The Field

We are delighted that Charlotte Bailey Rocks Fossils & Minerals has been featured in this month’s edition of The Field magazine.  The article focuses on the growth in the use […]

Lapis Lazuli – Charlotte’s Stock Picks

This is one of my favourite minerals and is the stone we chose for my engagement ring, alongside diamond, so therefore very special to me. It is such a beautiful […]

£1.67 per million years - Orthoceras plaque

£1.67 per million years … bargain !

Isn’t it curious the perceptions of worth and value?   My attention was re-drawn to this question most recently in relation to my Orthoceras plaque which I had taken, amongst […]