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These fossils and minerals are all individual and many of them are awkward and heavy !
So, as a result, we do not have a standard 'checkout' with inclusive shipping etc. What we do offer, though, is a bespoke service where we arrange direct with all of our customers the most appropriate form of payment and delivery for them.

Our and our customers' preferred method of payment is PayPal.
Payment by PayPal

The way it works is that we finalise the order personally with you and arrange the details, including cost, of the delivery. This is either by phone or email. Then we email you an invoice. On that email invoice will be a PayPal button enabling you to pay via PayPal using your own PayPal account, a debit or credit card, or bank transfer.

You pay PayPal.

PayPal advise us once you have paid so that we can then despatch the goods to you.

To use PayPal you have to be in the UK, we can only despatch to the address registered to your PayPal account, and the delivery will have to be signed for. If any of that is not possible then we can, of course, come to alternative arrangements.

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