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The name comes from the Latin Septum which means a partition and refers to the separations in this type of rock. Septarian is also sometimes referred to as Dragonstone or Septerye.

Septarian nodule section (Pinch Collection Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa) by Keith Pomakis The Moeraki Boulders at sunrise by Karsten Sperling

How this stone was formed is still something of a Geological mystery, however this type of formation is called a concretion, which is when a sedimentary rock is filled by a mineral entering the spaces between the sedimentary grains.

They occur in unique geological settings (the boulders shown here are in New Zealand) purported to be caused by volcanic conditions some 50-70 million years ago in the case of Septarian but no one knows for sure.

Sphalerite Orb

This orb, featured on the stock page , originated from Madagascar

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