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Large Rock Crystal Catches the Light
More and more people are coming to appreciate these natural works of art and use them to great effect to enhance the decor in their homes. They add personality and character to help create a home as unique as you are.

As part of an interior design scheme, or simply as interesting ornaments, fossils and minerals can add the perfect finishing touch to any room. With a whole variety of colours, textures, sizes, and prices to chose from there is something for everyone.

Fossil Mosaic Coffee Table

Their form and colour can be used to mirror or counterpoint or embellish almost any style, whether classic or contemporary, or even eclectic. They are certain to catch the eye and hold the attention of visitors.

Fossils and minerals have a natural fascination for all ages connecting us, as they do, to the earth and nature. Not only that, they are irresistibly tactile.

Agate and Amethyst Sphere

These beautiful ornamental treasures are not just visually pleasing but also restful and serene. Crystals particularly appeal to many people.

These natural forms are not just a stylish addition to home decor but also great conversation pieces. Whether it is a single, well chosen, item or a whole collection it makes a statement and effortlessly adds to the ambiance.

Fossilised Fish Plaque

The fact that they are millions of years old makes them particularly precious and each one is unique. A carefully chosen fossil or mineral is thus also the perfect, and very special, gift.

Just browsing the "Gallery" could well give you a whole host of ideas and inspiration for your own home, or even someone else's. If you see something you like please do just "Contact Me".

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