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On Show - Interior Design and Decor with Fossils and Minerals As an interior designer one has to balance, indeed at times juggle, a whole host of factors including: the architectural context, shifting trends, individual client tastes, space and light, and, of course, budget.

A core element of that is the ability to identify and source appropriate paints, fabrics, furniture, and ornamentation. Like any artist one needs, over time, to build up a whole 'palette' or 'stock' of these things across a wide range of styles and tastes to be able to rapidly draw upon it for an individual project.

Lapis Lazuli Every interior designer has an individual style and brings their own 'little secrets' to a commission. After all one wants to stand out and be recognised. Few, though, have grasped the range and potential of fossils and minerals in their craft.

Fossils and minerals have an almost universal fascination, they are also generally incredibly tactile, and, of course, each piece is unique.

Not only is there the most amazing range of colours, textures and scale on offer to add to your portfolio, these objects bring a level of interest and depth to a room that fabric or other materials simply cannot do.

Orthoceras Plaque Fossilised Sea Urchin Plaque Amethyst Crystals Fossilised Pectens Unidentified Crystal Limestone Shrimp Plaque Rare Ammonite Cluster Natural Seam of Opal The sheer range of fossils and minerals makes them a very versatile element for interior designers offering, amongst other things:
  • Colours that range from the soft and muted, such as Rose Quartz, to the vivid, such as Malachite
  • Patterns that range from the plain monotone through intricate symmetrical patterning to a natural kaleidoscope of colours, such as the Rainbow Pyritised Ammonites, and even effects such as iridescence as found in Labradorite
  • Textures that range from polished through the highly faceted to softly featured, such as the almost 'moss' like natural Chalcedony
  • Shapes that range from bold smooth curves, such as a Mammoth Tusk, to the sharp and angular, such as Candle Quartz
  • Forms that range from the familiar, such as an Ammonite, to the unusual, such as natural Iron Pyrite in Limestone Matrix, and indeed the downright weird, such as the inclusions of Olivine in the metallic core of a Pallasite Meteorite
Fossils and minerals are also versatile in interior design being able to fit and function in either two dimensions, as a surface (e.g. wall plaques or tabletops), or three, as an object (e.g. centrepiece or sculpture or ornament)

Projecto de FUNES Arquitectos by Yoshi7 Home Office in 22 West by AgnosticPreachersKid Fossils and minerals can be selected and deployed in a particular scheme: to enhance the architectural style and setting; to blend with or complement or counterpoint colour schemes and designs; to provide an accent or to embellish; to provide a feature or make a statement or just as a subtle touch; and so much more.

The scale and strong features available with fossils and minerals means that they can match and hold their own not just in traditional or period projects but even in the most minimalist and large scale designs.

Hadrosaurus Eggs in Nest Mammoth Tusk Being prehistoric, unique, and, more often than not, scarce these pieces will also hold their value. Indeed, as it becomes more and more difficult to bring these items in from places like China (e.g. dinosaur eggs) Russia (e.g. mammoth tusks) and South America (e.g. fossilised pine cones) the rarer examples will almost certainly appreciate in value.

These natural objects d'art are of the highest, museum, quality and are sourced with integrity. Descriptions can be provided with any item allowing you to offer the client the benefit of this knowledge. Such background would not normally be of interest but when it comes to a fossil or mineral because they are perfect conversation pieces most clients value having this information at their fingertips.

We provide not only our existing stock, which you can see on the "Stock List page" , but also expertise and sourcing. Whether you have a generic interest and just want to find out more, or have a particular requirement, we are always happy to talk so please do "Contact Me" .

Whilst we can source all these wonderful things for you, the skill is, of course, how you use them e.g.:
  • Bathrooms and Wet Rooms: the vast majority of fossils were originally creatures of the sea making their fossils ideal for that environment - make an impact with wall panels of striking black and white Orthoceras
  • Show Homes: increasingly developers see the design of show homes as an essential part of the sales effort which offers designers a great showcase - think about elegant signature pieces such as the Bronze Mounted Ammonite
  • Period or Country Houses: limestone is the quintessential material for these properties which of course being a sedimentary rock is naturally full of fossils - consider large pieces such as Goniatite and Orthoceras plaques to fit the scale
  • Offices: particularly boardrooms, foyers, or reception areas where the company is wanting to make a statement about solidity and longevity - select something striking like the large Fire Black Russian Pyritised Ammonites or Pecten Fossilised Shell Column
  • Town Houses: reflect the status and, where appropriate, grandeur - consider picking something unusual and rare such as Dinosaur Eggs or Mammoth Tusk
  • Apartments or Suburban Living Rooms: whether minimalist or cosy, whether completely remodelling or simply refreshing and redecorating there is a amazing range to choose from - think about a variety of bold minerals chosen to match the character not just of the space but also of the clients such as their birth stones
  • Dining Room: there is plenty of scope here for a centre piece or accoutrements - perhaps a single large Candle Quartz or Onyx Bowls for fruit
  • Libraries or Studies: the stone is a natural counterpoint to wood and leather on a shelf - add variety by placing smaller fossils between books on the shelves or a display on the mantelpiece
  • Yachts: again leveraging the link to the sea - the Fossilised Shrimp Plaque offers exquisite detail whilst being thin and not too heavy for mounting on a boat
  • Landings and Staircases: how amazing to come across a fascinating item in a window bay on one's way up or down stairs - something like a whole Trilobite to catch the eye
We hope that the thoughts and images on this page, as well as across the whole site, give you some ideas and that you might consider adding fossils and minerals as an element of your 'toolkit' for future projects. It doesn't matter wheher they are big or small, residential or commercial, new build or renovation because in almost any environment well chosen fossils or minerals could make a powerful and unique addition to your design proposals.

If any of this inspires or interests you please just "Contact Me".

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